about Jose Enrique Urrutia the lawyer

The famous "Latin Lawyer"

In his show, Johnny Mueller often talks about how you need a trustworthy Latin lawyer to help you with your work.   Jose's full name is Jose Enrique Urrutia Estrada.  Johnny puts much trust in his lawyer, Jose Urrutia.  In fact, Jose is one of the few people--even among Johnny's friends--who knows Johnny's true identity as Jeffrey Richard Gyurina.  Their relationship extends beyond attorney-client.  They are business partners.  

Fee Sharing:  During the Expat Insider seminar, attendees have the opportunity to begin their Guatemalan permanent residency petition, to open up a bank account, and to set up their own S.A. (Guatemalan corporation).  What the attendees do not know, is that Jose pays kickbacks to Johnny for these referrals.  In fact, Johnny Mueller and Jose Urrutia split the fees that Jose earns from his legal work.  This is a less than arm's length transaction, and isn't disclosed to the seminar attendees.

"Hide your Assets":  One of the things  that Johnny preaches on his show, and in more detail in his seminars, is that you should make your assets harder to find by placing your property into an SA (Sociedad Anonima)--basically, the Latin American version of a corporation.  What he further advises, behind closed doors at his seminars, is that you place the bank accounts  in your corporate name and give your attorney signing control over the accounts.  In this aspect, Johnny practices what he preaches, and all of his property is held in a corporate name in which Jose is the owner of record.  Johnny has attempted to use this trick by having Jose pose as the owner of his marital home in an attempt to evict his estranged wife.

Are you sure you'd want to give your lawyer unfettered access to your bank account?  That's what Jose and Johnny advise!  For the privilege of trusting Jose to hold your money, he will charge a monthly management fee of $150.  If you need money from your account (and it hasn't gone missing), he will be happy to earn his fee by sending you the money you request.

This is an election photo taken of attorney Jose for his recent unsuccessful election campaign.

This is an election photo taken of attorney Jose for his recent unsuccessful election campaign.