The Expat Files

Johnny Mueller is the false name used by the Jeffrey Richard Gyurina,  author of the "Expat Files" podcast, listened to by millions of podcast listeners, and the Expat Plan B website.  The Expat Files has been highly successful but also highly controversial.  Who exactly is Johnny Mueller?  You're going to find out.

About "Johnny Mueller"


A sample of Johnny Mueller's preferred reading


Johnny Mueller -- the wealthy expat engineer?

On his show, Johnny recounts how in "another life" he was an engineer, and in one show, he even stated that he didn't need money from his Expat Insider Seminars because he had patented some inventions in his 20s and earns residual fees.  The "real" Johnny Mueller was a dentist named Jeffrey Richard Gyurina.  Nothing wrong with being a dentist.... but it doesn't sound quite as sexy, does it? 


Why all the secrecy?

Johnny Mueller likes to talk about privacy, and he really practices what he preaches.  But have you ever wondered why Johnny Mueller aka Jeffrey Richard Gyurina is so paranoid about privacy?  Don't worry, we'll explain it to you.