What is Jeffrey Richard Gyurina Hiding?

Why so paranoid?

On his show, Johnny Mueller comes off as a slightly eccentric but friendly and curious person.  In fact, Jeffrey Richard Gyurina is very different than the character, Johnny Mueller, that he plays.  

Marriages:  Jeffrey has been married six times:  five times in the United States, one time in Latin America.  You notice that Johnny doesn't mention his love life very much in his show, does he?  Now you know why.  How many of those women have been searching for justice?  In addition, he's had numerous Latin American girlfriends.

Jeffrey is a "golpeador."  "Golpeador" is Spanish for a man who hits women.  Both his Latin wife and his previous Latin girlfriend filed complaints against him for hitting them.   What happened to those complaints?  Jeffrey has run into hiding to escape being served with the complaint paperwork.  If you've ever listened to Johnny's shows, he talks about how Latin men often hit their women.  Apparently Jeffrey has "gone native," because he has had complaints filed against him by the women in his life for committing violence against them.  Instead of facing the charges and denying them, he hides, with the assistance of his attorney, Jose Enrique Urrutia Estrada.

Taxes:  As a US citizen, Jeffrey is responsible for paying US income taxes on some of his earned income, and all of his investment income.  However, as Jeffrey tells guests at his seminars, he hasn't paid taxes for decades, and doesn't intend to.  For that reason (and others) he is scared to return to the United States.  As Johnny likes to say on his shows: "Here's a business idea for ya...."  A tax informant gets a commission from the IRS for monies successfully collected from a tax cheat.... But as Johnny says, "You knew that already, didn't you?"

Women:   After Jeffrey ruined his last marriage, he terminated his wife's bank account, took all of her money, stole her modeling portfolio, and attempted to ruin her financially, telling her "you are nothing without me."   He had his attorney, Jose, fabricate complaints against her. 

Despite his threats against his wife, in fact he is terrified of her and tries to hide from her because of legal process that has been instituted against him.  Instead of facing the legal process, he has attempted dirty tricks through his long-time attorney, Jose Enrique Urrutia Estrada (known as Jose Urrutia).  Want to know why Johnny's most recent seminars have been held mostly in El Salvador?  Johnny has been hiding from justice!


This is Jeffrey Richard Gyurina..... the "Real" Johnny Mueller.

This is Jeffrey Richard Gyurina..... the "Real" Johnny Mueller.