Who is the real Johnny Mueller?

Separating the stories from the truth.

Johnny makes no secret of the fact that he has obscured his true identity.  Here is some real information:

Real Name:  The real name of "Johnny Mueller" is Dr. Jeffrey Richard Gyurina 

Real Age:  mid 60s

Real Occupation in the United States:  Dentist

Where did Johnny really live in the US?  Wisconsin.  He recounts stories of growing up in Chicago.  He lived in an area of Wisconsin that could be considered the Chicago Metro area.   

Who is the guy in the supposed photo of Johnny?  An unwitting accomplice/acquaintance.

What does Johnny look like?  We've included photos on this website.   On his show and in his seminars, Johnny often boasts about his youthful appearance and health.   But in person, he appears thinner than some of the photos we've included, with colored hair.  In addition, his face has changed since some of the photos were taken.  He's had numerous plastic surgeries, botox and a facelift, which he denies to his seminar attendees.  The most representative photo is in his Guatemalan visa photo.  However, since he has gone into hiding, only recent seminar attendees have seen Johnny, and it is possible that he has changed his appearance yet again.

Where does Johnny live overlooking "the coffee fields of Latin America"?  This is a bit of a stretch.  Johnny implies he lives out in the countryside.  In fact, his house is located in a  suburb of Guatemala City called Fraijanes, in a slightly overgrown, half-empty subdivision.  His subdivision backs up to a small coffee field.   Of course, at times he has vacated the house while he's gone into hiding, so many times he's "on the road."

Who is "Expat Eddie?"  There is no Expat Eddie.  It's a fictional character, created by Johnny.  He's a combination of stories of other expats as well as some of Johnny's personal stories.  

This is not Johnny.

This is not Johnny.